Koutougakkou School Clubs

All students must be member of at least one club, and can be in as many as you have time for (each takes a downtime action). Belonging to a club can positively effect your grades. Students can be kicked out of a club for not contributing, or for poor grades, or at the whim of the club president. Clubs compete with each other for finances from the school. They often supplement this with small fund-raising events of their own.
Each club must have at least 2 PC members and no more than 5 PC members, 6 if they get special permission from the Vice Principle or the Student council. Students can start new clubs, but again this requires permission from the Vice Principle or the Student council.

Current Clubs (with current numbers)

The Media club produces the school newspaper. The Chemistry club is rumoured to have an unsanctioned competition to make the coolest explosive device. The Music club consists mostly of traditional instruments. The Computer club is trying rumoured to be making a supercomputer. The Engineering club are expected to enter the annual inter-school Robo-Wars competition. The various sports clubs are expected to represent the school in regional competitions. The Drama club is expected to put on at least one production a year.

The Red Tigers Delinquent gang is a group of toughs who hang around the school. In many ways they act as a pseudo club, working much as a normal club does, but without school support.

Club bonuses

Members of a Club gets a +1 bonus in the subject covered by the club (ie being in the archery club gives a bonus to archery). You need not have the skill to join a club, but it is expected you learn.

The best in each club in each subject also gets a +1 bonus, but it can only be used on other members or when everyone in the club is co-operating on something. Each member can only get one bonus, so if the best Maths student is also the best Science student they only get the bonus at what they are best at, and the next best in the other area gets the member bonus in that area.

As an extra, no club member can beat you in a direct challenge of your bonus area (ie the Smart guy can not beat the Magic guy in a direct contest of magic).
Subject Duo
Five Man Band
Ancient Lang - - 1 1 1 The Weird One
Maths 1 1 1 1 1 The Smart One
Sciences - - - 1 1 The Techy One
Phys Ed 1 1 1 1 1 The Strong One
Attentiveness - - - - 1 The Quiet One
Conduct - 1 1 1 1 The Charming One

Note that because these are relative stats you can be the smart guy in one club, and the strong guy in another.

The Smart One = The smartest of the group, often the leader. Is typically expected to have the answers and make plans.
The Strong One = The most physical determined of the group. Despite the name they need not have be physically strong, just skilled and determined. Often the second in command. May be something of an anti-hero.
The Charming One = The most charming of the group. Will normally be the leader if the smart one isn`t. While not often an anti-hero, may be more morally flexible than others in the group.
The Weird One = The most weird and freaky of the group. Often shy or misunderstood. Often has an advantage in mystical matters. Tends belong to a subculture which is somewhat discriminated against; such as goth, punk, wiccan, lesbian, etc.
The Techy One = The most tech savvy of the group. Often has more money and a keen interest in computers and stuff. Is expected to have the latest techy toys.
The Quiet One = The quiet enigmatic member of the group. Often a bit of a mystery. Likely to notice things others miss.