Index Table
[F ] TerribleYou are completely incompetent at this, don`t even bother trying. A person with a violin grade of F would soon break any violin they tried to play.
[D-] Default This is slightly below the normal default human level, representing someone who has not particularly trained or practised and has an average level of skill. A person with violin skill of D could have a go and make some noises, but could not play a tune.
[D ] Default
[D+] Default
[C-] Great This is slightly below a professional level, representing someone who could make a reasonable living in the field. A person with a violin grade of C can play common tunes easily, and some complex pieces. They could easily be part of a musical group.
[C ] Great
[C+] Great
[B-] Legendary This is the level of some of the best in the city. It is the level of bronze medal Olympic athletes and worlds best artists. A person with violin grade of B can put their own emotions into very complex pieces. People would travel far to attend their concerts.
[B ] Legendary
[B+] Legendary
[A-] Awesome This is the level of some of the best ever, representing legends such as Shakespeare, Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc. A person with an A grade in violin can play better than anyone else alive.
[A ] Awesome
[A+] Awesome
[Top] The BestThis is the best in the game. Far beyond normal human limits. It is supernaturally good. A person with violin Top grade can play so beautifully that it can bring a hard man to tears.

Index Table