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There will be a corporate speaker at the Koutougakkou Reunion. 22/08/15 19:23 23
A reclusive Japanese composer is likely to be in attendance at the Koutougakkou Reunion. 22/08/15 19:15 23
A video of a bear playing a sick guitar solo on stage with a small time rock band has gone viral. 20/07/15 00:00 62
There's a sports coach around town who used to be a great martial artist. 05/07/15 21:54 61
The recent resurgence in coal and steam based technology have been under extreme scrutiny by environmental groups. 02/07/15 11:35 38
No one has ever seen the school's new technician. 02/07/15 10:59 30
Homelessness has been on a steady decline in Tokuetsu, and food supplies for several of the homeless shelters in town are currently well stocked. 02/07/15 10:46 86
There's an ancient master swordsmith living on the outskirts of town. 01/07/15 11:40 49
In the past month, students have occasionally entered rooms to find the furniture upside-down and nailed to the ceiling. Only H-block seems to be immune. 23/06/15 23:58 38
There's a ghost haunting the Tokuetsu Theatre! 23/06/15 23:32 47
A land development plan to bulldoze the small forest near Koutougakkou Academy and build a new dorm block has been met with stiff opposition from some members of he community. 23/06/15 23:30 83
A motorcycle gang that recently arrived into town appear to have pushed out the Yakuza, and have refused to take protection money, The organised crime unit have yet to act. 23/06/15 22:30 81
Maru Fujiwara's bid for town mayor in the election seems to have hit a snag. 23/06/15 22:26 11
Belial Corporation are establishing their corporate headquarters in Tokuetsu. 23/06/15 22:11 -39
There's a vigilante around town. The only point people remember is they wear grey, and seem to have a theme song. 23/06/15 22:08 42
Card Game sales are at an all time low, with kids saying that 'the magic has gone out of them'. 23/06/15 22:00 38
I hear that the 2024 Alumni Committee have got something 'special' planned for the Class Reunion. 15/06/15 23:00 108


Kaito Saruwatari

Recently a number of flyers have been appearing, calling for a mystery 'K.S.' to make a bid for city politics. 05/07/15 21:56 69

Nari Kemuri

Nari Kemuri has thrown his hat in the ring for the mayoral elections. 19/08/15 17:54 34
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