Life at Koutougakkou High School

As you wander up the stairs towards the main doorway of the school, you pass other students also arriving for Homeroom. Groups of people gather in to classes, waving their greeting as they make their way to the room, while dotted about the large grounds early-bird Club members train hard on the tennis court or run laps around the entire grounds.

Behind you more students walk in to the grounds, many sliding off their bicycles to walk it to in the bicycle yard, or pairs and more groups of students discuss various adults and other school students they shared their train car with. Others tuck in their bus passes and books, waving to friends. As you stand under your usual tree to meet several of your class mates, the richest of students arrive. Their sleek black limousines (with the occasional pink or blue one) pull up to the private drop off circle and the young heirs step out, immediately attended by their adoring friends, fans, or general followers.

Soon your classmates, perhaps friends, join you and you all move in to the class rooms, hurrying to swap shoes over, than puzzling your ways through the corridor as the bell rings. You and everyone else sits down, hanging bags on hooks, but still chattering about the latest idol or newest fashion. When the home room teacher enters, you along with everyone else come to attention and soon enough the role is called, announcing with the last name receiving a tick of presence, that the day has begun.

Not only do you have to face day to day schooling, attending classes, and paying attention (and in the case of many, not falling asleep.) You always have homework, assignments, constant assessment under the watchful eyes of the class teacher. Every lesson is counted towards your final assessment at the end of the year, and then at the Graduation years are added together, for an overall score. Fail even one class and the guidance counsellor says you might not make it University, and if you do poorly, might not even be able to join the Salary Man business.

However, if life were really all that simple, every student all over the world would breeze through with top marks. And that means that it is complicated. Your friends, the ones you meet by the tree? They always want to go the arcade, or shopping, or maybe cruise the street for dating material. That Club you joined? You're committed to at least an hour every afternoon, skip out to many times and you just might get kicked out by your members. Those loving parents and your family? Always eager to see you be a good child and help out, but at the same time reluctant to steal away your childhood, your friends, and most seriously affect your grades in school, especially as you're in the final years.

After that it gets worse... Who you truly are, you cannot reveal at school. Even when something happens there, like the gym falling over, or the wire fences being ripped apart... the teachers must not know. Rumour has it if they know you're different, you will disappear.

School is Complicated...

Class Time After class most students will have time with their clubs, then a quick dinner before cram school, finally getting home around 10 or 11.
Homeroom 8:00 to 8:30
Class one 8:35 to 9:25
Class two 9:30 to 10:20
Class three 10:25 to 11:15
Lunch 11:20 to 12:10
Class four 12:15 to 1:05
Class five 1:10 to 2:00
Class six 2:05 to 2:55
School over! 3:00 to ------

Life as a Teenager

Teenagers enjoy chatting to and texting friends on their mobiles, hanging out with their mates, listening to the latest music on their MP3 players, shopping for the latest fashions, surfing the internet or just watching movies.

While it is rare for a teenagers to have all of these, it is equally rare for them to have none.
* Teenagers tend to be egocentric. Everything is about them. If you missed their party it must be because you hate them, rather than just accepting that you were busy.
* No-one except your friends can possibly understand you. No-one has ever had to deal with the things you have to deal with every day.
* Take things to extremes: Don't be just a bit upset; be furious. Don't just kinda like someone, love them. Every problem is the end of the world.
* Teenagers are often a strange blend of Insecurity and Confidence. There are a lot of things they have just never done, which leads to insecurity. They also have a unconsious sense of being invulnerable as their risk assessment skills are still developing.
* Be emotional, but redirect it. Teenagers are often quite emotional, they experience extreme highs and lows. But culturally they are pressured to keep this all inside. As a result it often breaks out in unexpected ways (ie if your mad at your girlfriend you try to hide it from her, but the pressure makes you yell at your friends for something trivial).
* Only you can make fun of your friends or siblings.
* Teenagers often experiment with different identities. They are still discovering who they are and who they may become. Often they will change depending who they are around (ie; tough around male friends, gentle around his girlfriend).
* A teenager may prefer kissing someone they just met, rather than a long term friend because if its bad they don't lose a friendship.