Character creation guide


Players pick a Type, then a few perks and a flaw or two. Players then fill out their characters report card and tell their backstory. You can take an extra secondary skill, but it requires taking another flaw. You can then write your backstory, pick clubs to join and note who your friends are.
Because the system grades on a curve GMs will work out the exact value of derived stats such as popularity, grades, etc. As a rough guide a Primary is an "A" and a Secondary is a "B" and most other things will default to a "C" or a "D". Flaws will be "F".


One of the underlining principles of Koutougakkou is that more interesting characters make for a more interesting game for everyone. So to help make interesting characters we ask you to check your character concept on the following list:-

Steps in character creation

Remember:- There is extensive online help.

If you can't find the one you want, add "Other" and explain what you want in the notes section.

Try not to overfocus your character, if you take too similar abilities it can leave you vulnerable.

Save every few minutes, so you don't get logged out and lose what you have done.

Examples of Conflicts

I want to fly, but fear the fall.

Without the sword I can not protect you, but while I hold it I can not embrace you.

To tell the truth will set me free, but only deception will keep me safe.

Without Order the people suffer, but by enforcing Order, I create suffering.

Without an audience I cannot be beautiful, but the audience is vulgar.

I want to be unique but to fit in I need to conform.

Without practice I can not attain perfection, but during practice my work is flawed.

I can be as precise as a machine, but only when I am cold as one.

To support my loved ones, I need to work away from them.

I need your support but fear your control.

I want you to keep you safe, but in doing so I keep you weak.

I want to be a forgiving person, but vengeance calls for blood.

I want to grow but fear change.

I can make any man want me, but I can't make this one man love me.

I want the security of a relationship, but there are so many pretty people.

I want to be loved, but fear being hurt.